About us

Decentralized talent discovery and streamlined hiring process

Based on our professional experience, hiring is a hassle. Using job boards, we were flooded by unsuitable candidates. Finding a good one was time consuming and extremely difficult.

However, the best employees we hired, where the ones recommended to us by friends and network. By talking to other companies, we discovered that recommendations are the most successful talent sources.

Based on our own experiences and the feedback we got from other companies, we decided to streamline the concept of personal recommendation. Thereby, we allow any company to easily get recommendation from local people, while we notify the person who makes the recommendation about every step of the hiring process and finally enable here to get a success fee for his/her efforts.

We are building and operating a platform of trust and transparency that will reshape, simplify and finally disrupt talent discovery and the hiring process.

Luan Blakaj

Co-Founder / CEO

Team builder with a clear vision on the future of HR. Chief of sales and corporate development.

Joseph Gurau

Co-Founder / CTO

Senior engineer and expert in system architecture. Passionate about blockchain technologies.

Cedric Oboy

Co-Founder / CMO

Project leader and manager specialized in online data driven marketing and e-commerce.

Caroline Karrer


Caroline is our in-house counsel and saleswoman for the German-speaking part of Switzerland.